Understanding the aspects of drainage system installation to your home or business will prevent you from spending large amounts of money from damages to any of your possessions. That’s why installing domestic or commercial drainage and other plumbing installations is very important since you will reap the benefits in the long run.


Now to make your drainage system installation a success, simply follow the proper guidelines below.


Before the installation job, you need to locate the area where you would place the drainage system and you comply with the building code. Make sure that the path of the drainage will end up where waste water should be drained.  Also, ensure that the soil foundation where you will place your drainage system can withstand the elements.


Now, do the measurements (distance and depth) and prepare the necessary materials and equipments you will use for the installation. Of course you need to strictly follow the blueprint to avoid any errors as you start working.



The next step is to dig a trench using the exact measurements then place some gravel and sand as the foundation before laying the pipes. After it’s done, put down and connect the drain pipes. In connecting the drain pipes use the proper accessories such as washers, nuts and bolts or sealants to tightly seal the pipes and to prevent water leakage. You also need to place soil filters to prevent soil clogging.



Double check everything and see if the drainage is working properly before you cover it up with cement. Remember, there’s no room for errors since you will end up spending more once you’ve done it the wrong way.


Next is to cover the pipes with the remaining gravel or sand and cover it firmly with concrete cement. Fill in the remaining cement and then flatten and compact the surface using the right tool. Wait for a few days until the cement has cured then you can now use your new drainage.


Drainage system installation can be easy to do if you have the skills. However, for best results, hire the experts. Their installation process is the same but they are more efficient and well equipped be it for domestic or commercial drainage installation.